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Pineapple (Ananas sativa)

  Pineapple is a widely cultivated fruit crop in the tropics. It is eaten fresh when ripe and also used in making pineapple juice, sauce as well as in the production of wine. The fruit is a rich source of vitamins (A and C) and plenty of sugar. Pineapple is a short …

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Environmental Physiology

The climate climate of any place is the condition of the weather over a long period. Weather is the day to day condition of the atmosphere. Climatic factors include rainfall, temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and sunlight. The main climatic factors which affect crop and animal husbandry in West Africa are …

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Problems Of Agriculture In West Africa

Like we’ve earlier explained in our last topic Agriculture in West Africa, just in case you missed it here’s the link Click here So haven’t read that, here are the Problem Of Agriculture In West Africa1. Crude implementation : Most farmers in West Africa still use very crude agricultural implement like …

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Agriculture is widely practiced in all the West African Countries and statistics evidence shows that over 60% of population of the countries of West Africa are engaged in Agriculture.Importance of Agriculture 1. Raw Materials : Many of the raw materials are obtained from agriculture examples timber for plywood industries and cotton …

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Reproductive System In Farm Animals

DEFINITION:  Reproduction is the act of given birth to organism of the same kind or species. Reproduction involves male and female organisms of the the same species. MATING : this is the physical meeting of male and female farm animals for the purpose to give birth TYPES OF MATING • …

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