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Tolerance : The Wooden Spoon kids stories

Once upon a time, there lived in a city, a man and his two wives. Their home was always full of quarrels and unhealthy rivalry. The two wives lived as cat and mouse, always at each other’s throat. The man tried very hard to restore peace in the home but …

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Be Contented – kids stories

There live a little boy named Kemy, Kemy lived with his mother and father in a little Village. But kemy was a stubborn kid who was very lazy to help his mother nor father whenever they needed his assistance, He was also selective in the choice of male that was being prepared at …

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The Kings Golden Cup – kids story

Story! story!!.. Once upon a time, there lived a king in Kotoye village. He was quite rich and Kind.He decided to have a party to mark his golden jubilee anniversary on the throne and his eightieth birthday. It was an open house party for the rich and the poor alike. …

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