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Environmental Physiology

The climate climate of any place is the condition of the weather over a long period. Weather is the day to day condition of the atmosphere. Climatic factors include rainfall, temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and sunlight. The main climatic factors which affect crop and animal husbandry in West Africa are …

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Labour Market

What is Labour Market? It is a market where wages and conditions of employment are negotiated and determined. THE CONCEPT OF LABOUR FORCE Labour force is the total number of capable men and women who are gainfully employed and those who fall in the age bracket, capable and willing to …

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Updated 2018 Waec Timetable

  image credit : www.google.com WAEC GCE JAN/FEB 2018 (1ST SERIAL) TIMETABLE Monday 29th January, 2018 Civic Education 2 [Essay] 9.30 am – 11.30 amCivic Education 1 [Objective] 11.30pm –12.30pmAgricultural Science 3 [Alternative to PracticalWork] 3:00pm – 4:30pm Tuesday 30th January, 2018 Agricultural Science 2 (Essay) 9.30am-11.40amAgricultural Science 1 -11.40pm …

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2018 JAMB Subject Combination

JAMB SUBJECT COMBINATIONS FOR ALL COURSES AND FACULTIES In 2018 After this article, you will have the following Subject combinations at your finger tip Jamb subject combinations for Sciences Subject combinations for Social Sciences Complete Jamb subjects for ARTS JAMB Subject Combinations for Sciences: 1. Subjects Combinations Medicine and Surgery: …

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